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Vertex painting

And colour theory applicable to any project:

The article below talks about colour palettes in Denis Villeneuve movies. The techniques described are:

  • the use of discordant colours to enhance emotion
  • transitional colours used to highlight character transformation or change in theme
  • associative colours to reflect particular states and situations (where a colour represents a character or a theme)

“When telling a story, colors:

  • Elicit psychological reactions
  • Draw focus to significant details
  • Set the tone of the movie
  • Represent character traits
  • Show changes or arcs in the story”


In an article written for the magaine “Animation”, Dominick Domingo gives some amaing tips on how to build a great portfolio and I’ve implemented most of his suggestions in my showreel. I found it challenging to keep it focused though because throughout the course I’ve tried learning as much as possible about different things.

The Art of Creating the Perfect Portfolio. By: Domingo, Dominick, Animation, 1041617X, Mar2018, Vol. 32, Issue 3

Project Assets


I created these assets based on the images I’ve come across in my research. I tried my best to keep the elements as realistic as possible and within the same style without pointing at one culture in particular. The umbrella took the longest to make as I tried using ncloth simulation on it. After trying different settings on the simulation, it still didn’t look the way I wanted it to, so in the end it had to be modelled from a flat circular mesh.


Using basic human meshes, I created a custom man for the scene to use as scale reference and also to add to the atmosphere of my scene. I used standard Maya materials with the same purpose. I intended to use ncloth on the umbrella top, as I did with the tshirts, but ended up modelling it as it gave me more control over the final shape.

nCloth simulation guide:




After modelling a lot of hard surfaced objects, I wanted to work on something a little more organic. Something that would bring a bit of life into our “Worn” environment. I made the T-shirts below from planes and simulated ncloth in Maya. I then fixed any geometry that wasn’t sitting right and increased the poly count for a smoother look. I intend to animate it for Unity.tshirt



Instead of animating the T-shirts, I decided to bring them straight into Unity and see what I can do with them. I didn’t bake the simulation on them so whenever I imported the assets, they simply hovered above the bar in the position they were before the Maya ncloth simulation. Following tutorials, I was able to create a similar simulation using only Unity tools. On the T-shirt in the middle I painted some weights and used the equivalent of a collision/constraint tool on the painted area to make it look as if it’s hanging from pegs. I believe I must have gotten a bit too bold experimenting with the settings as I managed to create an insanely windy effect that cannot be removed.


2D x2

While waiting for the finished rigs of the character I’m gonna animate, I’m using this time to practice idle atmospheric + overlapping animation.

Once again I’m using sound from Song of the Sea to bring life to this fan art snippet. When I was working on the train station project I struggled a bit with the texturing part of it, so I’m very excited to have been working with colours and textures on this piece.

I was also able to create a perfect loop and having enjoyed the work so much, I plan to create more 2D work!


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Inspired by all the character concepts we came up with as a group, I put together default meshes of male body parts and altered them to fit the description of a young boy.

I built this character to be used for futher concept art and framing, scale and atmospheric references.


10th April

Using what I’ve learnt from storyboarding tips about framing, layout and shape contrast, I made this exercise in Maya and rendered in Arnold. The gun asset was something I downloaded for free since none of us built any yet and this is just a test. Depending on how tall the building is, there could be a streetlight giving off direct light. At the same time, I’m also considering the fact that there may not be any power, in which case the room would be much darker and possibly more candles would have to be lit in order for anything to be visible.

I believe it will all come down to personal preference but in the meantime I’m using this scene as a point of reference for further Unity work.

Also looking at how shadows and strips of light can help add depth to the environment.

2D Animation exercise

With the purpose of developing as an animator, I’ve been trying to learn about 2D animation. I found this exercise to be very useful as timing and composition are transferable skills. By completing this 2D piece, I have learned a lot about how to generally improve my other 3D projects.


Based on feedback received, I’ve changed the motion and timing of the leaves to be more realistic. I also fixed the sound delay.


I’ve been looking for ways to improve my 2D skills as I’m working on becoming better at communicating emotions and story. I found the links below to be inspiring and insightful.


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