Sem 2 personal project

Animating the Knockerupper old man below:

Note: My animation showreel (below) includes the Jack (a recently fixed version) and Jill animations from last semester.



2nd Project of 1st Semester


UV mapping





Title sequence – effects:

I chose the word “Jitters” because I believe it captures the subject of our animation perfectly. I also chose that particular font and pastel colour palette because it’s reminiscent of old cartoons that we used as inspiration in the beginning of the project.


Background/Overlay concepts:




More complex rig setups for personal project:


Getting familiar with new Maya (2018) exercise

Quick low poly modelling, a bit of camera work and nparticle simulation.

I’ve been having trouble working with the lights in this new version, in future projects I will ask for help with that.

10/11/2017 update:

merry christmas

merry christmas5




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