Madam Mo

Here is a video of some assets I animated for our project. It starts with the intro I was putting together for the presentation, a couple of sets of different arm movements we put on random robots in the crowd for the end scene when they cheer, followed by my attempt to animate Molly’s robots. I wasn’t doing too great with them so she had to animate them in the end. It continues with an arm movement test I was doing with my model and ends with a crowd reaction scene.

For the last shot, Molly and I sat together and figured out how to put the camera in focus, which made us both extremely happy.

Sound credits to Mr Brandon Beatz_By_B-Don 😉 found on Hitrecord.

New Operabot

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With the purpose of having a viable back up, I continued working on my design of the robot singer. I replaced her arms with new ones, rigged them and added controllers for her body. Then, using a tutorial provided by Molly, I also gave her a functional face that in my opinion makes her look a bit funny, which is exactly what I wanted. Since the character is not an oversexualized jazz singer anymore, it would be a good idea to make her funny, like the woman in this Bruno Bozzetto animation, “Opera”. She would bounce and roll around the stage.