Finished Animation

And after feedback with the filter added by Dermott:


Madam Mo


Here is a video of some assets I animated for our project. It starts with the intro I was putting together for the presentation, then a couple of sets of different arm movements we put on Molly’s designs. It continues with an arm movement test I was doing with my model and ends with a crowd reaction scene.

For the last shot, Molly and I sat together and figured out how to work with the camera.

Sound credits to Mr Brandon Beatz_By_B-Don 😉 found on Hitrecord.


Opera stage

Below are a couple of ideas I had for the opera stage, inspired by the opera houses I looked at.

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New Operabot

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With the purpose of having a viable back up, I continued working on my design of the robot singer. I replaced her arms with new ones, rigged them and added controllers for her body. Then, using a tutorial provided by Molly, I also gave her a functional face that in my opinion makes her look a bit funny, which is exactly what I wanted. Since the character is not an oversexualized jazz singer anymore, it would be a good idea to make her funny, like the woman in this Bruno Bozzetto animation, “Opera”. She would bounce and roll around the stage.

Conductor Reassigned

We all decided not to have the scene with the conductor robot in the beginning as it was taking too much from the animation time and was only a tiny part in the setting up for it. I believe we would have needed to design an entire orchestra as well which would have complicated everything else. As a conclusion, the TV head robot got reassigned to the position of gleeful spectator which makes me more than glad since all the different feet I’ve given him tend to ruin his design.

I will also be including a new model (below)

opera big fist

Excited Admirer

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Above are a couple of images of a robot I made for the front row of our crowd.

After rigging the arms and the legs, I made a couple of different sequences of movement.

Admiration for the singer:

An excited dance:

That did not render well because the timing was off

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