Train station model

Below is my work for the modeling project. Towards the end I started adding some colour and texture to figure out what works best with this style.



The Big Rush

These are the final renders I put together in order to convey the narrative we agreed on. We decided not to use the textured/uv mapped version for this video, because the rendering time was ridiculously high when we included all of our textured assets.

A big rush indeed.


Music composed by Paul Halley. I was lucky to have a friend show me a short animation called The Maker which used a different song of the same composer as soundtrack. It immediately made me think of our project so I incorporated a similar sound.

Song Autumn available to listen on YouTube.

Presentation day

Using the ambient occlusion and the wireframe shaders in preparation for the final renders, I was able to find an impressive number of small errors in my own models. I believe I should have done this at an earlier stage in the project in order to avoid last minute rush, which is what eventually happened.

For future reference, I will try to get my models double checked by other team members and do the same in return so that any errors can be detected and dealt with early enough to not interfere with other stages of the project.




Made a quick model of a clock that could be hung in the dome part of the train station if we decide we need one there.




Starting to put all my assets together in preparation for rendering. These pictures are just previews I took in order to help us start organising our scene.

I changed the transition between the platforms to a dome like atrium because I thought it worked better in that space. It was difficult to accommodate this new shape into the existing structure but in the end, I believe the space has a better flow to it.



More objects

Pillar for the fence that needs to be built around the edges of the station. I didn’t bevel the edges of the pillar in order to avoid adding too many details and will only do that if any of its duplicates will end up close to the camera.

Newspaper to be added to the debris in the scene. I made it as an ncloth -> freeze transform -> duplicate it.

Globe to practice UV map on and possibly add to the project.




My intention was to build a tunnel of pillars and bump some decorations on the arches between them. I thought their shadows would add more depth to the scene and I don’t believe I was wrong, but the model doesn’t fit in the expected. Having worked in a different scene and imported the structure afterwards, I overlooked some basic points i.e. the fact that the half pillars would have to not be seen from behind.

In the end I decided to take it out and use the original pillars in other places where the arches needed extra support.



Unfortunately, this decision made it impossible to find a good spot for Beata’s ceiling lamps. I believe her models look amazing though, so I shall do my best to do them justice.

UPDATE: Too late now, but we should have added the ceiling lamps to the same structures we attached her megaphones to. We ended up going with just the wall lamps since we could fit them in easily.

Bump map

I tried out a few different texture maps just to get comfortable with the process.

Texture + bump map

Bump map + colour

Complex shaders will be the next step

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