The imaging and data visualisation module reflection

The goal of this module was to teach us how to work with different animation software, starting with Maya. The first main assignment involved the basics of modelling while using lights effectively followed by rendering. My group and I were tasked with creating a floating city based on an actual city. Good team-work and communication was essential and I believe we achieved that. I enjoyed this challenge as it helped with my learning. I found the biggest challenge to be time management and I feel that this was an essential skill to develop for the working world.

The second assignment required me to model a face of another student. I found this task surprisingly difficult as I did not anticipate the amount of things that could go wrong. I explored many different ways to approach the task and eventually found the way that worked for me. This task forced me to explore therefore I learned key skills for my future development.

Having very little digital experience I greatly valued this module. I feel like my abilities have greatly enhanced and I am now much more confident with animation software. Our lecturer Alec was very helpful and approachable. Alec gave each student plenty of one-to-one time which helped ensure that we all knew what we were doing.



The final step of the process: retopology

I did not expect the model from ZBrush to deform in Maya. After bringing in my final head sculpture, I noticed a massive difference in the way it looked. The skull was completely deformed and looked as if it was missing structure. I went back in ZBrush and attempted to make modifications as I thought might fix it when I’d bring it back into Maya. The result was a model that did not look like Beata anymore, but the lack of time at this point forced me to go with it.

I have done the retopology on half of the face and placed the outline polygons then took the model out and extruded the rest. In the end I used a mixture of techniques and I’m not sure if it worked. I’m disappointed that the resemblance is not there anymore.

For the ZBrush modelling I only used the front picture, as the profile one was difficult to work with. There may be an angle issue with it. I didn’t feel the need to juxtapose my model on it until I started working in Maya with the new mesh that I was trying to make as good as the initial model.