Floating city video



The very first things I worked on for this project are the towers. I was impressed by the conical shapes that reminded me of ice cream so I built 3 different types.

It was definitely a challenge to make them just from 1 object each and keep the hard angles without ruining the rounded areas.

Poster Time

Having looked at so many art nouveau and vintage posters of Barcelona in my research, I got inspired and decided to use a few of the 3D objects and make them into posters. Even with 1 object per file, rendering time is awfully long, will need to be more careful with time management in the future.



Football City

At one point we discussed making the outer crust of our city have the pattern of a football, considering how big it is in Spain. We agreed that if we do that, instead of having it with black patches, we would use patterns from the tiles/ceramics across the city.

Below is the image I drew out for that purpose

barcelona tile


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