The final step of the process: retopology

I did not expect the model from ZBrush to deform in Maya. After bringing in my final head sculpture, I noticed a massive difference in the way it looked. The skull was completely deformed and looked as if it was missing structure. I went back in ZBrush and attempted to make modifications as I thought might fix it when I’d bring it back into Maya. The result was a model that did not look like Beata anymore, but the lack of time at this point forced me to go with it.

I have done the retopology on half of the face and placed the outline polygons then took the model out and extruded the rest. In the end I used a mixture of techniques and I’m not sure if it worked. I’m disappointed that the resemblance is not there anymore.

For the ZBrush modelling I only used the front picture, as the profile one was difficult to work with. There may be an angle issue with it. I didn’t feel the need to juxtapose my model on it until I started working in Maya with the new mesh that I was trying to make as good as the initial model.


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