More objects

Pillar for the fence that needs to be built around the edges of the station.

Newspaper to be added to the debris in the scene.

Globe to practice UV map on and possibly add to the project.


I didn’t bevel the edges of the pillar in order to avoid adding more details and will only do that if any of its duplicates will end up close to the camera.



My intention was to build a tunnel of pillars and bump some decorations on the arches between them. I thought their shadows would add more depth to the scene and I don’t believe I was wrong, but the model doesn’t fit in the expected. Having worked in a different scene and imported the structure afterwards, I overlooked some basic points i.e. the fact that the half pillars would have to not be seen from behind.

In the end I decided to take it out and use the original pillars in other places where the arches needed extra support.